Tom Gardiner

Life Stats - August 2021 Roundup

This month flew by. I got my second vaccine, and I played D&D in person for the first time! However, not much else happened worth reporting about.

Now that there's been more than one month of data collected in total, the difference compared to the previous month will be highlighted after each figure (a bit like this). For cases where it refers to a particular game or artist/album, the indicator refers to the previous value in that position, regardless of the name.

I said last month that I wanted to start making graphs, but having tried before writing this post, it seems only two months does not making for interesting graphs, so I'll wait until next time.


On average, I slept for 7 hours and 13 minutes (+ 7 minutes). The minimum length of time I slept for was 5 hours and 2 minutes (+ 23 minutes), and the maximum was 9 hours and 27 minutes (+ 24 minutes). This is pretty consistent following last month's data.

On average, I went to bed around 11:57 PM. The earliest I went to bed was 09:38 PM, and the latest was 02:44 AM. My earliest bed time was significantly earlier this month because the side effects from having my second vaccine knocked me for six.

On average, I woke up around 07:07 AM. The earliest I woke up was 06:13 AM and the latest was 09:43 AM.


In August 2021, I listened to 384 (-36) songs. My most listened to artist was Muse, with 92 (-49) scrobbles, followed by Yumi Tanimura, with 88 (+21) scrobbles. Unfortunately, this data might be a little misleading, as I listened to Yumi Tanimura's Ai Wa Genki Desu album a few times on YouTube before adding it to my actual music library. I estimate the total scrobbles is probably closer to 440.

My top 5 most listened to albums were as follows:

My top 5 most listened to songs were as follows:


Disclaimer: Data is a mixture of automatic collection via the Steam API, and manual entry for games which are not on Steam (eg. Minecraft).

In July 2021, my most played game was It Takes Two with 10 hours, 26 minutes (+ 5 hours, 31 minutes). However, the longest single session I had in any game was Dungeons & Dragons, with 3 hours, 24 minutes (+ 59 minutes). The average gaming session lasted for 1 hour, 19 minutes (+ 21 minutes).


I don't claim to do a lot of exercise, but I thought it would be interesting to see how active I am month-to-month. Here, I'll be logging sessions of Beat Saber as exercise, as well as average daily step count over the course of the month.

On average, I took 1372 steps per day, and spent 8 hours, 36 minutes exercising (ie. playing Beat Saber) in total.