Tom Gardiner

Life Stats - July 2021 Roundup

This month, I started to collect data about myself, as have many other people before me. This includes songs I've listened to, my weight, YouTube videos I've liked, food I've eaten, steps I've taken, games I've played on Steam, how long I've slept for, and a couple of other metrics.

You can view much of my media consumption (Music, Games, YouTube) on the website I've set up specifically for this, at

I wanted to start producing a monthly post where I briefly show off and discuss interesting statistics I've discovered by doing so. However, the first edition of this series will have a fair bit of missing data, due to the fact that a lot of this data only began collection in the latter half of the month.

Finally, please excuse me while I experiment with ways to lay out the data. In the future I may experiment with adding fancy-looking images and graphs, but for this post it is text-only.


Disclaimer: Sleep data began collection from 20th July. As a result, some averages may be misleading. Data is completely manual and, as such, is started with the intention of falling asleep, rather than exactly when I fall asleep. This does also not factor in mid-night wake ups and other factors such as low intensity sleep.

On average, I slept for 7 hours and 6 minutes. The minimum length of time I slept for was 4 hours and 39 minutes, and the maximum was 9 hours and 3 minutes.

On average, I went to bed around 11:43 PM. The earliest I went to bed was 10:56 PM, and the latest was 03:56 AM. This would explain why my minimum sleep was so little, considering the average length. There was one exception where I stayed up late helping a friend learn JavaScript over Discord!

On average, I woke up around 07:00 AM. The earliest I woke up was 06:35 AM and the latest was 08:35 AM.

Over the course of a year, it would be incredible to visually see how this changes over time - I am strangely excited to make some graphs!


Disclaimer: Music scrobble (a "listen") collection began on 11th July. All scrobble collection is automatic.

In July 2021, I listened to 420 songs. My most listened to artist was Alter Bridge, with 141 scrobbles, followed by Biffy Clyro, with 67 scrobbles.

My top 5 most listened to albums were as follows:

  • Biffy Clyro - A Celebration of Endings: 54
  • Alter Bridge - The Last Hero: 42
  • Alter Bridge - ABIII: 41
  • YUKIKA - timeabout,: 26
  • Alter Bridge - Fortress: 22

My top 5 most listened to songs were as follows. Because all top 5 songs were listened to 5 times, they are in order of when their first scrobble was played.

  • YUKIKA - 애월 (愛月): 5
  • YUKIKA - 비밀리에: 5
  • YUKIKA - Time Travel: 5
  • YUKIKA - Insomnia: 5
  • Biffy Clyro - Worst Type of Best Possible: 5


Disclaimer: Game playtime data collection began on 15th July. Data is a mixture of automatic collection via the Steam API, and manual entry for games which are not on Steam (eg. Minecraft).

In July 2021, my most played game was Beat Saber with 4 hours, 55 minutes. However, the longest single session I had in any game was Minecraft, with 2 hours, 25 minutes. The average gaming session lasted for 58 minutes.